Comprehensive vs Compact Plans

Comprehensive vs Compact Plans

Our Comprehensive plans - the ones you are familiar with from Plan Heaven. 

Our Comprehensive LTMPs are the same ones we have been creating since we introduced cloud-based LTMPs in 2016.  They are ideal for those BCs that need a full and rich explanation to help owners fully understand the issues and actively participate in the decision-making process.

These plans present a rich picture of the development, its elements, conditions, long-term maintenance needs, associated job budgets, and funding requirements.  The content provides a full story of the maintenance of the development along with some history. 

Our Compact plans are just that, compacted.  They are condensed and to the point. 

On the other hand, our Compact plans are ideal for those BCs that want to get straight to the punch line and are comfortable with less commentary because the owners generally know what's going on and why. 

But while they have a condensed overview and summarised version of the element descriptions and conditions, they bring the same level of detail to the job costings, scheduling, and funding information as in the comprehensive plans. 

Because the whole point of an LTMP is to have a good understanding where the money is going to need to be spent.

Our Compact plans are cheaper and allow the BC to have a compliant LTMP without paying a consultant to tell them what they already know.  Our fee for a Compact plan is 60% of that for a Comprehensive plan. 

What happens when it comes to updating these plans?

Once the plans are set up, they both need to be updated at least once every three years.    

As of 1 February 2023, our fee for updating a Comprehensive LTMP is priced at 50% of the 30-year setup of a Comprehensive plan for the same number of units.  Our fee for updating a Compact LTMP is 75% of our fee for setting up a Compact plan.  All updates (except when a Rolling Subscription has been chosen) include a site visit and inspection. 

Find out more about Rolling Subscriptions.  These can save you even more money.    

Example 10 yr Compact Plan for Small Townhouse Development

Updated 2 February 2023 by John Bradley

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