Options for updating your LTMP

Options for updating your LTMP

You have three options to update your LTMP in Plan Heaven.

  1. You can ask us to do this (at least) every three years with a site visit.

  2. You can opt for Rolling Subscriptions, and we will update it every year from our desk.

  3. You can update it yourself.

Updating every three years

S30 (2) of the Unit Titles Regulations 2011 (Regulations) states, "A body corporate must carry out a review of its plan at least once every 3 years".  

Assuming Plan Heaven sets up your plan initially, we can carry out this three-yearly update for you.  It involves us conducting a site inspection, making the necessary changes, and producing a new draft for the BC to review and approve.  As part of this process - just as we do with all new plans - we will consult the BC or their agents to gain as much information as possible so that the new updated LTMP reflects what work has been carried out over the past term and the BCs new intentions.

Call for a quote if you would like to consider an update, but with our current fee structure, Comprehensive plan updates are set at 50% of the fee for a new Comprehensive plan setup, and Compact plans are 75% of the fee for a new Compact plan.

The point to note is that once your plan has been set up once by Plan Heaven, the updates are cheaper. 

Rolling Subscriptions

With Rolling Subscriptions, we carry out a desktop update every year.  Note that this service is unavailable to all BCs because we need someone at the BC, such as a building or facilities manager, to provide us with the information we need.  For this reason, this option is more attractive to large developments with a Comprehensive plan and a lot of work being carried out every year.

Our fee for a Rolling Subscription is currently set at 10% of the setup for a Comprehensive plan.  The fee for a standard subscription is currently charged at 5%.

More about subscriptions

Updating your plan yourself

As long as the BC is paying the annual subscription, any member of the BC can be granted access to update their LTMP themselves.  

This is how it works.  

  1. One or more owners can join Plan Heaven as users and be granted administrator access to the BCs account in Plan Heaven. 

  2. Then, as and when required, they can log in, make the necessary changes, and print a new draft of their plan.  

  3. Then once the BC agrees with the new plan, they should log back in and finalise the plan.  This will include locking it in the app so nobody can accidentally go in and change an approved plan.  That's until it's time to go and repeat the process. 

It is a reasonably intuitive process because the app was originally designed with this in mind.  But there are also many help pages on the website, and we are only a phone call away.  

This option is particularly useful for smaller BCs with not much maintenance being carried out year to year, and the only cost is the annual standard subscription, of which the fee is currently set at 5% of the cost of a Comprehensive setup.


Updated 22 May 2022 JB 

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