The structure of our plans

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“We are very pleased with the Long Term Plans provided by Plan Heaven for the Commercial and Residential Body Corporate properties we manage. Their plans are straightforward, economic and easy to update via the Dashboard.”Ann Woods, Managing Director, Skyway Body Corporate Services, Christchurch
“We've had good feedback from our Bodies Corporate when they have had their LTMPs prepared by Plan Heaven. Plan Heaven produces plans that are understandable, well priced and easy to update and they also support us with great service.”Paul Roux, Senior Body Corporate Manager/Business Development, Strata Title Administration, Wellington
“We have been using Plan Heaven for some years now and have always found their Long Term Maintenance Plans to be concise, accurate and realistic in their scope. We would have no hesitation in recommending Plan Heaven to any Body Corporate or Body Corporate manager.”John Pitcaithly, Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services Limited, Christchurch
"Oxygen Strata Ltd on behalf of bodies corporate we manage has engaged the services of Plan Heaven to provide Long Term Maintenance Plans. John Bradley's knowledge and understanding of not only building elements and infrastructure but the Unit Titles Act 2010 and Regulations has seen him as being one of the go-to companies in Wellington in providing LTMP’s to bodies corporate. Their plans are easy to understand, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to assist our clients."Anita Reinecke, Body Corporate Division Manager, Oxygen, Wellington
The structure of our plans

Because our plans are built in an online app we have had to establish a template.  We have thought deeply about the best structure and are constantly reviewing it based on the changing environment and feedback - sometimes from owners but mostly from BC Managers.

  1. We only include what's necessary

We work on the principle that less is more and limit the content as best possible while making sure the plan is complete and accurate.  That means we have eliminated a lot of fluff and padding and such things as graphs and statements about Plan Heaven.  We also don't include photos unless they are necessary to explain an issue that is difficult to put into words.    

   2. The introduction

Following the front page, there is a single page that is used as a brief introduction to the development and the plan.  It is designed to give an overview, to explain those features that will not be discussed in the LTMP itself,  and is intended to gain the reader's attention and interest.

   3. The discussion of elements 

Following the introduction, comes the discussion of all building elements, items of infrastructure and all common property.  We consider that this is an asset register that provides a structured list of everything in the development under three common sub-headings;  

        a. Description; What is it?

        b. Condition assessment:  What condition is it in at the time the plan was prepared?

       c.  Maintenance planned:  What maintenance is the BC planning in regard to this item?

What we are trying to achieve is to cover everything in a consistent format that makes the document easy to follow and understand. We are also thinking ahead to the next update when we want there to be as few edits as possible. 

   4. The Funding Resolutions

After the discussion on all of the items, we come to the Funding Resolutions.  Invariably these relate to the items just discussed and list a resolution something like "The body corporate will manage and pay for the maintenance of ....{some item such as balconies or windows}"

   5. The Jobs list 

Then comes work that the BC has scheduled to be carried out.  We call them Jobs and they are set up with a brief description and an estimated cost.  Typically we also include a statement of how the estimated cost was derived. 

   6. The money tables 

After the jobs comes the two money tables.  The first is a summary of the cost of jobs in each year.  The second is a simple cash flow forecast table that show the cash opening balance in each year, minus the cost of jobs scheduled, plus the funding that needs to be contributed by owners to pay for the maintenance.  

   7. Admin

The last page is the admin page covering terms and conditions and explanations.  This is pushed to the back of the report so that readers are not distracted from the important content. 


In summary, our plans have been carefully crafted to provide the most important information with the least amount of plain English words, in a structure that is easy to follow. 


If you have any questions and would like to know please contact John Bradley, 021 722 786 or

The Plan Heaven team.