Understanding the audience

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“We are very pleased with the Long Term Plans provided by Plan Heaven for the Commercial and Residential Body Corporate properties we manage. Their plans are straightforward, economic and easy to update via the Dashboard.”Ann Woods, Managing Director, Skyway Body Corporate Services, Christchurch
“We've had good feedback from our Bodies Corporate when they have had their LTMPs prepared by Plan Heaven. Plan Heaven produces plans that are understandable, well priced and easy to update and they also support us with great service.”Paul Roux, Senior Body Corporate Manager/Business Development, Strata Title Administration, Wellington
“We have been using Plan Heaven for some years now and have always found their Long Term Maintenance Plans to be concise, accurate and realistic in their scope. We would have no hesitation in recommending Plan Heaven to any Body Corporate or Body Corporate manager.”John Pitcaithly, Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services Limited, Christchurch
"Oxygen Strata Ltd on behalf of bodies corporate we manage has engaged the services of Plan Heaven to provide Long Term Maintenance Plans. John Bradley's knowledge and understanding of not only building elements and infrastructure but the Unit Titles Act 2010 and Regulations has seen him as being one of the go-to companies in Wellington in providing LTMP’s to bodies corporate. Their plans are easy to understand, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to assist our clients."Anita Reinecke, Body Corporate Division Manager, Oxygen, Wellington
Understanding the audience

   1. We know what your owners are looking for in a LTMP

At Plan Heaven, of course we need to understand buildings and all of the other elements that make up a development. 

But we also understand that the people who are going to read our plan are not experienced property professionals or commercial building owners.  They are average home owners, who collectively own the buildings and need help getting a maintenance plan they can all agree on.

  2. No jargon.  Plain and simple English

Each of our planners is well qualified and experienced in buildings, planning and report writing and they are used to writing detailed technical reports.  But a complex technical report full of building terminology is not what our readers need.  They need a plain English document that they can fully understand and therefore agree with.  Especially when it comes to how much money needs to be spent.

   3. We know who the client is

Technically, our client is the BC - because they pay our fee.  But the BC Manager is also our client and in many cases, the BC wouldn't get around to having a LTMP if it wasn't for the BC Manager's guidance. 

We are also aware that while the BC Manager needs the LTMP to be complete, accurate and fully funded, we also know that most of all, the Manager wants the owners to approve it at the AGM with as little fuss as possible.  We attempt to write up our plans so that this can be achieved.

  4. When we are on site

Understanding the relationship between the BC Manager and the owners helps on those occasions when we happen to meet one or two owners on site.  Mostly these meetings are positive and the owners help by providing information about when work had been done in the past and what they thought should be done in the future.  But of course there is the odd occasion where we meet that owner and are not surprised or daunted by this and know how to manage the situation. 


In summary of the points above, we prepare our plans so that the majority of owners can understand and embrace them, outnumbering those owners in every BC who would prefer nothing was spent. 

If you have any questions and would like to know please contact John Bradley, 021 722 786 or john@planheaven.co.nz

The Plan Heaven team.