About Plan Heaven

Plan Heaven the company

The company Plan Heaven Ltd, was established in 2015 to provide long-term maintenance planning support for bodies corporate.  Now it also provides LTMPs for all other property owners, including Company Share Schemes, Government Buildings, Independent Schools and Commercial Properties.  The Company now also creates and supports Health and Safety plans.  

John Bradley is the founder, and Martyn Cole has recently joined him as a shareholder and director.  They are both determined that the plans prepared by the Plan Heaven team are accurate, easily understood by all unit owners and are useful documents.  So far, the feedback suggests that Plan Heaven is achieving that goal. 

The Plan Heaven app

The Plan Heaven app is a cloud-based database and web application that can be defined as SAAS (software as a service) because it has been designed to allow any person to build their own long-term maintenance plan on a DIY basis.  However, the reality is that most people prefer the Plan Heaven team to set the LTMP up and update their plans. This is especially so for those bodies corporate and company schemes that are managed by a professional body corporate management company.

Our team

Plan Heaven has qualified and trained planning consultants in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch who undertake site visits anywhere in New Zealand and set up the LTMPs, including recommendations and advice on the maintenance that should be carried out.  All plans are peer-reviewed by John or Martyn.




Latest release V7.1.0 19 Mar 2023